Ahmed Alkooheji

I am the Creative Director at Ahmed Alkooheji Communications, and the founder of several creative and hobby based societies in the Kingdom of Bahrain such as Bahrain Cosplayers, NINXA, and Impratoria. I’m in charge of KoohejiCo’s creative marketing strategy and implementation. I’ve created a variety of successful brands within the kingdom and abroad launching several successful marketing campaigns including new based creative technology for prominent corporations in Manama, New York, London, and Osaka.

P.O. Box: 33094, Isa Town, Bahrain
Phone: +973 6635 0111

“You’ve heard about the research that says people prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust, right? Me, too. Yet whenever I hear that advice, I think, “that sounds nice,” but what does it really mean to know, like, and trust someone? And what does it take for that person to know, like, or trust your brand? And, more important, how do you translate that understanding into your content? To get at the answers, I investigated what it really means to know, like, and trust. I’ll share what I found, along with examples of companies that get each of those elements right.” Read more at Content Marketing Institute

2018-01-28 digital marketing branding, digital marketing, koohejico, marketing

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